Franchise proposal

You are to select for AC-TECH (Advanced Computer Technology). This is great opportunity for you and your life. AC-TECH IT-Programme is boom in IT Sector. AC-TECH (Advanced Computer Technology) is providing for many types of support for Branches.

  • 1. IT Education : Training & Certification
  • 2. Distance Education Program (Through Recognized University)
  • 3. Govt. Project Support.
  • 4. Students Placement support
  • 5. Technical Support
  • 6. Advertisement Material Support
  • 7. Faculty Training Support
  • 8. Students Study Kit Support

AC-TECH (Advanced Computer Technology) have provided by some course categories:

  • 1. Computer Application
  • 2. Computer Programming
  • 3. Computer Hardware & Networking
  • 4. Financial Accounting
  • 5. Mobile Repairing
  • 6. Desktop Publishing
  • 7. Communication Skill
  • 8. Beautician Course
  • 9. Auto Cad
  • 10. Industrial Training
  • 11. Live Project

AC-TECH is working with our corporate partner Sagufta Education Pvt. Ltd. Our 235+ happy Business partner in entire Bihar & Jharkhand. You know that Govt. will support to skill training program.

Inspired by the global IT evolution, the MCC initiated "Computer Operation Knowledge" with a goal of establishing its reach to the literate and educated populace. Though it was small beginning but this campaign showed and highlighted the path to achieve the goal of establishing relationship with the people in general.

If you are interested for our Franchisee, Please Contact or mail by me 70333164444, 8521639296, E-mail-